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Lizzy's Senior Photos

Right when we started Lizzy's senior session we knew it was going to be one of our favorites. This gorgeous lady's smile is absolutely contagious, and her ability to seek adventure and laugh through it all, made working with her so much fun.

During the first few minutes of our session, two golden retriever puppies walked by, and after stopping to give them plenty of attention, Lizzy asked the owner if the puppies could be in a few photos. And I am so glad she asked, because how do you top two golden retriever puppies being in your senior photos?!

This natural beauty truly knows how to make the most out of life, and is talking full advantage of making lasting memories during her senior year. From raising money and walking in the 3Day Breast Cancer walk, to being homecoming royalty, and participating in multiple teams (basketball, softball and badminton), she values her friendships and family while truly living life to the fullest. We are so happy we got the opportunity to work with this gorgeous lady! Happy senior year Lizzy!

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