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Emily + Patrick's Wedding

Emily and Patrick's wedding at the American Swedish Institute was absolutely breathtaking. So much thought was put into each special moment and detail of the day. From Emily wearing her grandma's wedding ring, and having her hanky on her bouquet, to the beautiful lace handkerchief her mom brought back from Belgium, and the Beatle songs at the ceremony; every detail was perfect.

The bridal party made the day wonderful too- talk about a good group of people! We really enjoyed getting to know everyone, and the adorable junior bridal party with Patrick's son and daughter, and Emily's niece and nephews, made the day even more fun! The best man speech definitely made me tear up, as did the maid of honor's, who had to do a toast over video since she was 9 months pregnant and not able to fly in from California.

The wonderful day marks the beginning of your next adventure in life together. We couldn't be more happy for you Emily and Patrick! The two of you just seem like a perfect match, so happy and comfortable with each other. Your love will take you places :) Cheers to the two of you and your new family!


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