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Kriselda + Brandon's Wedding

I knew that I would shed tears at Kriselda and Brandon's wedding.

These two became our very best friends while we were living in Hawaii; back when the two of them were just friends. The four of us would hang out most weekends, hiking, kayaking or having cookouts on the beach together. It wasn't until after we moved away that the two of them started dating, and then became inseparable. From the moment we heard, Dylan and I couldn't have been more excited to see them together!

Although they both spent time growing up in the UP of Michigan, even part time in the same town, they never crossed paths until they started working for the same company years later. So their Hawaiian influenced wedding, took place where they spent time growing up, on Lake Superior in the UP. Flowers were flown in from Hawaii, the guys wearing leis of tea leaves, and Kriselda wearing the traditional Haku, a bridal crown made of white orchids. It was so fun to see their families and friends come together to watch them have their Hawaiian beach wedding, right on Lake Superior. Both Brandon and Kriselda radiated with joy and excitement all day. You could just tell by the way they looked at each other, that they were so happy they were finally going to become husband and wife.

So, to say that we were excited to see these two get married is an understatement. It's amazing how life can take you down the path you need to be, and make you realize that true love stories do exist.

Congratulations Brandon and Kriselda! Cheers to many more years of happiness together.


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